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Block, Flat, Property Management – No matter if your block is made up of a single property, two flats or a thousand flats, we will still provide you with the care and attention you deserve. Our service and response times are truly competitive within the industry and we are dedicated to dealing with all enquiries as efficiently as possible.

Ground Rent Management – We are very experienced in dealing with collection of Ground Rents and have an excellent record of collecting all payments on time.

Service Charge Management – We take full responsibility for the collection of service charges. This service incorporates the recovery of arrears and instructing and managing legal action for unpaid charges where appropriate.

Ground Rent Collection – For landlords unable to directly manage the collection of rent we would be happy to undertake this service as part of the service charge. All ground rent is forwarded directly to the freeholder.

Communal Utility Bills – Where communal utilities such as electricity and water supply a development we will manage the bill(s) by apportioning to the service charge.

Client and Sinking Fund Accounts – Creating and managing these accounts on behalf of the client can be part of our service to you.

Major Works (incl. Section 20 Consultation) – Major works are generally a requirement stated clearly in the lease. We will oversee the scoping and planning of works, manage the tender and selection process, appoint and manage the selected contractor and project managed the works until completion. Where section 20 consultation is required we will manage this prior to the major works commencing.

Site Inspections – Site inspections will be carried out and a time frame will be agreed specific to your block, to monitor general appearance, standards of cleanliness, resident activity, external areas and to establish any maintenance requirements. A full report will be provided to the client after each inspection.

Lessee Enquiries – Our team of management staff will manage all enquiries from lessees / lessor regarding ongoing maintenance.

Insurance – For business clients we will support you by obtaining the right insurance cover for your property(s) if required.


For our clients – Documentation that will assist in dealing with the relationship between the leaseholder and the management company 

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You can contact us in many ways to give us your feedback.

By phone

Call our customer services team on: 0843 289 55 43

Tell us why you are unhappy and what you want us to do. They can often sort the problem out immediately.

Email: Email us at:

In writing

Write to: Customer Services, Crown Management UK Ltd, Meadow View House, 191 Queens Road, Norwich. NR1 3PP

Please provide as much detail as possible as this will make it easier for us to respond to your complaint.

What’s Next After Our Informal Complaints Process?

If the above procedure has been followed and you are not satisfied, you can request a formal complaint form. This will need to be completed and returned to the above postal address. Once your complaint has been logged, it will be processed to the “designated person” stage whereby this will be internally reviewed. After this internal procedure has been completed you can, if still not satisfied go to a recognised Industry Regulator or Body of which we are a member:

The Property Redress Scheme.

For more information on this option please get in touch with us or contact them directly. Their contact details are:



Phone: 0333 321 9418.

Please note that this body will normally only deal with your case if you have been through all the stages of our formal complaint’s procedure.


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PRS Property Redress Scheme

CMP Client Money Protect

ICO Information Commission

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Meadow View House

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