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Crown Management UK Limited is a national company, that specialises in the management of both domestic and commercial property. Our team has a combined experience of more than one hundred years in the building industry. Our aim is to provide an efficient and reliable service to our clients. Our dedicated team at Crown Management UK Limited is focused on providing the highest quality service to its many residents assuring peace of mind when it comes to the day to day running of your property.
Leaseholders Guide

A PDF help file understanding the relationship between the leaseholder and the management company.
Contact Us

Most enquiries are answered online, however if you still have questions then you can speak to a member of staff.
Terms & Conditions

Information relating to the accounts and financial aspects in relation to the Management company.
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Property Information Pack

Step By Step Guide
Essential information clearly explained for the new leaseholder and there relationship between themselves and the management company as well as the Landlord.
Assists the selling of your Leasehold
Absolutely Essential! If you are wanting to sell your property Leasehold.
* For further details please call our offices. Details found on our contact us page.